Camp Store


Our office was chosen to develop plans and specifications for the improvements to Big Basin’s historic Camp Store and Gift Shop. Our task was to create modern improvements that addressed current concession needs while respecting and adding to the Store’s rich history and rustic ambiance. Since Big Basin is eligible for the National Historic registry we were asked to follow the National Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Structures.

The Camp Store and Gift Shop building was sited within groves of redwood trees and the original design incorporated beautiful, large wood windows with views out to the redwood trees. In developing the concept for the Store upgrades it became apparent to the team that setting up the new improvements in a way that would incorporate this original historic siting was key. We developed a new coffee and juice bar to the east end of the Camp Store that harkens back to the original lunch counter function this building served. The new seating has been organized to take advantage of the original 1938 large view window on the east side of the Camp Store.

Visitors are welcome to relax at tables and a counter looking out to a grove of old growth redwoods. Integrating the building systems (lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing) sensitively into this 1938 building was important. Our approach was to provide historically compatible, energy efficient systems while enhancing and highlight the existing features of the 1938 conservation core building.

Typology Commercial
completed Winter 2009


Project Team Patricia Pollock, Elmer Lin, Andre Mandel
Executive Architect Patricia Pollock
Contractor Barry Swenson Builder
Photography Caroline Johnson